How to Avoid Burnout from Running

No matter how focused we are on a task or how committed to a schedule, we all go through periods when we need a break – both mentally and physically. This is the same for runners. This can happen after completing a big race that you've been working towards for months as it can be tough to stay motivated once you've reached your goal.

To help avoid reaching that point of burnout from running, try some of these strategies:

Don’t worry about a schedule.

On those days when you feel burned out from following the programme, simply run for fun without worrying about time or distance. Simply stop whenever your mind or body tell you to.

Take an “off week.”

If you go for long runs and don't follow a strict programme, cut back your mileage by at least 50% every fourth week and take two rest days during your off week. This will give you a good recovery period for your mind and body.

Change it Up

Give your mind and body a break from the norm by participating in activities other than running, such as swimming, biking, or yoga, one or two days a week. This will stop you from getting bored and will also give your running muscles a break.

Remember its not always a competition

This programme is designed for those of you new or returning to running to set your own goals and get what you can from it. But remember, it’s also supposed to be enjoyable so you don’t have to run your heart out in every race you enter or every run you go out on. Sometimes it’s fun to run at an easier pace than your race pace and just enjoy it without putting any pressure on yourself.

Change your route and routines.

You’re bound to burn out and get bored if you keep running the same route. Switch up your route or even the time of day that you run. Go for a run before work in the morning, if you usually run in the evening.