Common Running Fears: I Won’t be Able to Run the Whole time

In most races you will find a few people walking at some point so relax, running a race doesn’t mean you have to go sprint through to the end. So if you plan to run/walk the race, don’t worry there will be plenty of people doing the same. If you are that concerned that you’ll be the only one taking a walking break find a race that is walker-friendly.

If you have trained to fully run your race, follow these tips to make sure you don’t go too fast in the beginning and burn out before the end…

  • For bigger races, make sure you’re in the correct starting position and don’t start with the faster runners because you’ll try to keep up with them and end up tired and slowing down before your reach the end.
  • This is tough to do but try to run your first mile slower than you plan to run the final one. Although you will have more energy at the start and be fighting to hold yourself back, you’ll appreciate it at the end when you still have enough energy to run all the way to the finish line.
  • Start your race at a comfortable pace and make sure you check your watch at the first mile marker. If you’re ahead of your anticipated pace, slow down. It’s not too late to make pace corrections after just one mile.