HealthScore is an online health assessment used to identify possible health issues and stress points. The HealthScore screening is a quick way for your employees to evaluate their physical & mental well-being. We will direct participants to accessible treatment paths such as EAP, eLearning or wider support groups.

Participants complete an online, 100% confidential questionnaire to determine an overall score for the level of health and general well-being at that time. This score is delivered through a fully customised report which will appear on their webpage, seconds after submissions (optionally, participants can choose to have the report delivered to their inbox).

This online tool is designed for access any place via any device. Each employee who takes the assessment will be given a HealthScore along with a personalised report which will outline their next steps, which may include an e-learning course based on their findings.

HealthScore has been designed by some of Ireland’s leading Wellness Experts to help people understand their own health.