Improve your Running Technique

If You Find You Are In Pain During Or After Running, The Most Common Problem Is With Running Technique. Using The Following Tips To Adjust Your Technique Should Help You Not Just Run Pain Free But Also More Efficiently.


Stand Tall

Hold your head high and center it between your shoulders. A good trick is to imagine that there is a glass of water on your head. Make sure that you have a straight back and your gaze is forward while running.

Stay Relaxed

Throughout your run you should have a relaxed posture, keep your shoulders low and avoid stiffening up any part of your body. You’ll find that a relaxed body will react better to the impact of the run and will decrease overall fatigue.

Legs & Feet

Feet and legs are the most important aspect to any run. used you will be able to perfect your running stance. Stride and your type of feet play a major role in good running technique. Most people naturally hit the ground with their heel first. This unfortunately increases the impact on joints such as knees and ankles and increases the chance of injury. A mid-foot strike decreases the impact on the joints and aligns the body’s centre of gravity.


One of the most common issues with runners is over striding, where the runner places their feet to far in front rather than under them. By slightly bending your knees you can counteract this problem and produce excellent leg stride.

Gait Scan

As everyone’s feet are different it is hard to assess whether you have a heel strike or a mid-foot strike. Physiotherapists can use gait scans to assess a person’s biomechanics and offer a unique insight into the effect your run is having on your body. 


Your arms act like the accelerator in a car providing the power and speed. Elbows – keep your elbows at a 90 degree angle and swing them between your chest and your waist. Positioning– keep your arms low and allow them to swing from the shoulders in a pumping motion from front to back. Speed – pump your arms as fast as you want your legs to go! The faster you pump the faster you go!