Tips for Staying Motivated

We've all been there, you’re half way through your run and you want to give up… or maybe you are still staring at your running shoes trying to summon up the motivation to get going. Whether you are a novice or a runner who has been running for years, it can be difficult to stay motivated to train on a regular basis.

Some days we need a little more of a push out the door than others, so just like your running programme, you should also have a plan to maintain your motivation to run. Here are some helpful tips to get you going…

Write It Down
If you are new to running sometimes you feel you may be going backwards or just making no progress at all, which can leave you deflated. Keeping a training log or running blog is a good way to track your progress and help you stay motivated. You might just look back at it and remind yourself just how far you've come, and how much more you can achieve!

Treat Yourself
Every now and then, treat yourself to some new running gear, such as a new shirt, or a massage (this also helps with injury prevention) as a reward for your hard work. This might make you feel energised and revive your commitment to training.

Set Yourself Goals                                                                                                                Staying with the programme is key in order to progress, and making and achieving incremental weekly targets towards your overall end goal will help ensure gradual improvement and renew motivation each week. For example, aiming to beat your previous personal best time or distance each Friday.

Run with a friend or partner
Running can be a social as well as individual sport. Finding a local running club or getting friends or family to run with you is a good way to start and stick with running. You can use each other to motivate and push each other on.

Remember the Health Benefits
Make sure you remind yourself of the health improvements you’re making with every run. Step on the scale and check your weight, think about how much more energy you have, and how you now have a healthy new way to relieve stress. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up
Sometimes no matter how much you plan to run, life can get in the way – you get stuck at work, or you’re really tired, or you simply don’t have time. Don’t beat yourself up just because you don’t stick to the exact schedule. Sometimes a rest day can benefit you more than a workout. All of us have bad days or missed days, so just accept that and get back on track with your programme.

More importantly make sure you have fun! Don’t make running another stress in your life and enjoy it!