How to get rid of stitches?

Side stitches can be very painful and are frequent in those new to running as new runners tend to breath quickly and shallow.

To get rid of stitches, firstly to relieve some pain, gently push your fingers into the area where you’re feeling the stitch. Try changing your breathing pattern, taking a deep breath in quickly, then hold your breath for a couple of seconds and forcibly exhale through pursed lips.

If this fails, stop running and walk briskly for a few seconds while deep breathing. Continue running after the stitch goes away.

Some Prevention Tips…

In order to avoid the occurrence of stitches, follow these simple tips:

  • Avoid eating within one hour of running
  • Drink water for hydration instead of sugary carbonated drinks
  • Warm up properly before a run
  • Avoid shallow breathing and breathe deeply from your belly and not your chest.
  • Always maintain good posture while running to avoid hunching over

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