10 Top Laya Wellness Health & Fitness Tips

  1. Treat yourself once a week: Whatever your treat meal is, one day a week have whatever you want and enjoy it! This creates balance and longevity.
  2. Have fun: No matter what exercise you do, it has to be fun! If it’s fun you will continue to do it, how many people continue with sports they don’t enjoy?
  3. Shop once a week: One day a week, get your food shop done, stock the fridge and you will be amazed how much easier it is to be healthy.
  4. Switch your white carbs to brown: Brown carbs are full of fibre and goodness , make this switch and watch the difference it makes to your waistline
  5. Weigh once a week: No matter how bad your week has been, face the scales and draw a line in the sand, move on and don’t live in denial
  6. Change your workouts: Bodies react to change, so change your workouts as often as possible to get the best results.
  7. Train with someone fitter than you: By training with some fitter or faster, you will work harder to keep up with them than you would normally
  8. Set targets: Find your goal, make the plan and work towards it!
  9. Lemon up: Boiling water with lemon is fantastic for your skin, hair and digestion, cheap and effective!