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Parenting expert Onsite

1:1 Consultations

Our Parenting expert, Aoife Lee, offers parents easy to learn skills and a variety of effective and practical parenting tools to help you build a calmer and happier home. Book your appointment If you would like Aoife’s advice in the following areas of parenting:

  • Behaviour issues; i.e tantrums, biting, dealing with separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, challenges with bathtime, washing hair and brushing teeth etc.
  • Sleep issues; for example, difficulty settling at night, wanting to sleep in parents bed, waking in middle of the night
  • Toilet training/toilet issues
  • Fussy eating/general eating; feeding issues
  • Travelling with young children
  • Challenges with a step-parent
  • When your child worries, is anxious, experiences low self-esteem
  • New baby due, preparing toddlers, dealing with new baby arriving
  • Combating soothers and thumbsuckers
  • Boundaries around use of screentime

Who: Parenting expert, Aoife Lee, will deliver the consultations. Aoife is is an accredited parent and life coach and is founder of Parent Support.

When: The consultations will take place on Friday April 13th from 10:00-13:00. Duration of each consultation will be 30 minutes. 

Do I Need to Sign Up? Yes. Places are limited so please register by choosing your preferred time slot via the booking form below.

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