Privacy Disclaimer

Spectrum Wellness provide health and wellness services on behalf of Laya Healthcare under the brand Thrive Health & Wellness. This privacy policy explains how Spectrum Health handles your personal information and data during an online screen. We value your trust, so we’ve strived to present this policy in clear, plain language instead of legalese. This privacy policy applies to all online screening services provided by Spectrum Health (and on behalf of its partners).

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“Your Data” is considered any submission that we receive through our online screening services. These “online screening” services include MindScore, BodyScore and HealthScore. “Your organisation” is the organisation that invited you to take the online screening and may include your employer, your contractee, your college or educational institution, and/or your health insurance provider.

1. Who is collecting my data?

Your data is being collected by Spectrum Wellness . Spectrum Wellness is a registered Irish company and is fully compliant with their legal requirements in relation to data protection of all data obtained during screening, as outlined by the Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003. Spectrum Health are registered with the Data Protection Commissioner as Data Controllers (Ref no 13807/A).

2. What is my data being used for ?

Your data is being used to provide you with a personalised health report based on your specific submission. Your data may also be combined with other entrants within your organisation to provide an overall report for your organisation. Your organisation will not be provided with any specific information that makes you identifiable – nor will any other partner organisation.

3. What happens to my data ?

Submissions from any Spectrum Wellness online screen are sent to a SSL secure & double password protected database. Access to this database is only granted to the Clinical Management Team that work for Spectrum Wellness , who are bound by their professional ethics standards and confidentiality agreements. Company reports are created by providing redacted and aggregated survey excerpts without any data subject personal or sensitive personal data to non-clinical staff of Spectrum Health, to ensure that all data outside of this database remains non-identifiable.

4. General Conditions

i. Spectrum Wellness will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from this online screen, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.

ii. Spectrum Wellness reserves the right to terminate or withdraw an online screen, and your opportunity to participate in a screen, at any time and for any reason.