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The Virtual Games

What is the Virtual Games?

The Virtual Games is an app based company challenge that allows you to log your exercise activity in exchange for points. This 14 day challenge is all about getting fit & staying healthy - but with a competitive edge! In addition to steps, we also have 5 other exercises for you to choose from – running/jogging, crunches, cycling, weights and rowing. Each time you log an activity, we will convert this into points and add your totals to the leaderboards.

How Do I Sign Up?

In order to sign up, teams of 10 or less will need to be created by a designated team captain. The team captain will be required to submit the full name and valid email address of each team member along with a team name via the form below. Registrations will close on June 29th at 12pm. The leaderboards are all based on averages too so there's no need to worry about your team size.

What Happens Next?

The challenge will begin on July 4th at 10am when participants will receive an email with a link to download their app and their login details.


Please note that in order to take part in this challenge you will require Android (4.3+) or Apple (iOS 9+)

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