Oracle Gym Information

Oracle personal trainer – John McCole


I achieved a BSc in Sports and Exercise Management from UCD, specialising in the exercise aspects of the course. My studies covered a broad range of topics including exercise management, exercise and health, sports psychology, diet and nutrition to name a few.

Upon graduation, I completed the NSCA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) award and qualified as a personal trainer with Litton Lane. I have worked in various gyms for the last number of years. I have trained over a thousand people from all walks of life and helped them achieve their fitness goals. I have worked for Leinster Rugby on the CCRO programme. Developing and increasing participation in rugby in a particular area. I am the Strength and Conditioning coach for Castleknock College, working with their senior Cup rugby team. I have also given numerous talks to sports clubs on the topics of exercise and nutrition. My experience of working with such a broad range of people as well as my educational background gives me the confidence to train everyone from beginner Gym goers to advanced, from cardio enthusiasts to weight lifting lovers….

Hours Covered:

Monday:              0700 - 1230
Tuesday:             13:30 - 18:30
Wednesday:        07:00 - 1200
Thursday:           14:00 - 18:30

Class Schedule:


7:20am: HIIT

8:00am: HIIT

11:15am: Conditioning


3:30pm: Beginners lift

5:15pm: Bootcamp*


7:20am: HIIT

8:00am: Bodyweight Blast

11:15am: Conditioning


1:15pm: Conditioning

3:30pm Beginners Lift

5:15pm: Bootcamp* 

*Behind block G on the grass  

Class explanation

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - Our HIIT Classes utilize high intensity periods of work followed by lower intensity recovery periods.
Exercise selection is varied, utilizing a variety of exercises. Located in Block A

Conditioning - Want to improve your fitness levels? Then we have the class for you! Whether you are looking to improve fitness for sport, a race or just for fun, this class is for you. Emphasis here is on prehab, conditioning and stretching down so to mold our bodies and improve fitness.

Bodyweight blast - Our signature class focus fully on using your own bodyweight for resistance. Your coach will take you through a wide variety of bodyweight exercises. The focus in this class is on learning proper technique so that a base of knowledge can be established and built upon. Max 5 participants per class

Beginners lift The focus of this class is on learning about the main compound lifts and how to perform them. Class focuses on squats, deadlift and presses as well as accessory lifts to help improvements in each. This class sets to establish good technique and sound technique in these lifts.

Bootcamp - This class is perfect for people who are brand new to exercise but are looking for a quick, effective, and engaging workout. A variety of exercises will be performed in a circuit, both with weights and without, and always with emphasis on correct technique.

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