Friday's Stress Busters Video

What You Will Learn?

  • In part 1 we will talk about how to plan your day ahead as well as giving you tips on some visualisation techniques.
  • In part 2 we will discuss the importance of taking a break and disconnecting from your distractions while reconnecting with yourself and those close to you.
  • Finally, in part 3 we will discuss how to make the most of your time outside of work by challenging yourself emotionally. In the very last section, we will talk about the importance of sleep and getting enough rest.

Click on one of the links below to watch the video's from earlier this week. 

Richard is a Counselling Psychologist and a current graduate member of the PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland). Richard attained his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy from University Limerick, subsequently completing a Masters degree in Applied Psychology and recently attained a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. Richard’s specialist experience is in the area of mental health promotion, specifically through the platform of mindfulness based interventions and training.

We All Heard What We’re Supposed To Do To Reduce Stress, Yet We’re More Stressed Out Than Ever. Our 5 Day Programme Can Help.
— Dr. Richard Meacham, Stress Busters' Counselling Psychologist