Mental Health Ambassador Programme 2019 

Congratulations, you have been invited for interview.

Our psychologists have reviewed your responses and would like to invite you to talk with them about some of your mental health experiences so that we can get a better idea of how you can contribute to the Mental Health Ambassador’s programme.

Each chat will be approximately 35 minutes in duration and will focus on your mental health journey and how this may be used to help others.


Interviews will take place in both the The Times Square room and the Dublin room on Wednesday the 8th of May.

Please note, there are 8 time slots available for selected interviewees with our 2 psychologists on site on the day.

If you receive an error message when booking your slot, this means multiple people are trying to book for the same time slot. Refresh the page and repeat the booking process to confirm your booking.

* Pramerica Mental Health Ambassadors have the right to withdraw form the programme at any time

Please see below 8 time slots that can be booked in with our 2 psychologists on site. 

Psychologist: Dr. Sarah O’Neill

The Time Square meeting room

Psychologist: Greg Herbert

The Dublin meeting room