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Managing Stress Through Diet and Lifestyle

Stress is a common problem that we all have to deal with in our lives, some more than others. There are many factors that brings stress upon a persons body, such as their job and certain events that happen in their life. A common talking point discussed on the subject of stress is the food a person consumes as part of their daily lifestyle. Unhealthy eating patterns will only result in an increased level in stress, followed by further problems in the future if not resolved. With a healthy eating plan in your lifestyle accompanied with a good stress management programme, you can prolong your life span and reduce the likelihood of stress-related illnesses damaging your body.


The webinar will be available for all NAME employees to watch from DATE and will remain available for 30 days.  

In addition to the webinar, we have created a useful handout which you can print out and refer back to. In this handout, we cover some of the key points in our presentation.

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