Onsite Optical

In our pop up Eyecare Clinic, our Optometrist will be providing eye examinations to all Virgin Media employees. This 30 minute routine eye exam is performed by a trained Optometrist that will examine your eye history and any potential symptoms of concern. There will also be a binocular vision check, a ophthalmoscopy (retinal health check), and a IOP measurement (one of the checks for glaucoma).

Employees qualified for PPS optical benefits will receive a complementary optical check up every 2 years. If you do not qualify for this service, you can pay privately on the day or may be able to claim back optical expenses using your receipt such as the eye exam fee and any glasses or contacts you may require through your healthcare plan. Please check here for eligibility.

Additional Services

Additional services can be booked at an additional cost if needed, these include;

•     Dry eye exam
•     Sore eye/red eye exam
•     Contact lens assessment/check up
•     Drivers licenses eyesight report
•     Fields test
•     Digital retinal photography
•     Colour vision check

Glasses and Contacts

Our team of Optometrists will be able to recommend a range of glasses and contact lenses for you. We bring a full range of glasses frames from budget to designer on-site during clinics. Using the results of your eye test, we can deliver a prescribed eyecare product direct to your door 5 working days following on from your appointment.

When: The appointments will take place on May 14th from 09:00-17:00. Duration of the appointments will be 30 minutes.

Do I Need to Sign Up? Yes, to register, please choose your preferred time slot via the booking form below and fill in your details.

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