10 Week Eat Smart Programme

Healthy eating is not just about putting strict limitations in place. It’s about feeling good, having more energy and taking a different, more positive outlook on life. This 10 week programme will show you how to eat intelligently through interactive seminars onsite and a dedicated eLearning programme. 

Every second week, there will be one hour talks focusing on five strategies: 

  • Life’s too Hectic to be Healthy (9th April , DUB12 01.505 01.506)

  • Eating for Health (23rd April, DUB12 01.505)

  • Beat the Energy Slump (7th May, DUB12 01.505 & 01.506)

  • Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss (21st May, DUB12 01.505 & 01.506)

  • Superfoods – What’s New and What’s Not (4th June, DUB12 01.505 & 01.506)

Every other week each participant will receive online content made up of a different healthy recipe along with an 8-10 minute video covering topics such as building your plate, healthy snacking, dealing with cravings and batch cooking.

Who: Dietitian, Diewerkede Zwarte will oversee the programme.

When: Diewerkede will meet you at 11:00 on the dates listed above, so add them to your diary!

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