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Sleep Workshop Series

Our sleep workshop series uses cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and interventions to help people who experience difficulty sleeping to think and behave like good sleepers. Sleep diaries are provided along with questionnaires. By the end of this 5 week workshop series, participants will be more alert, engaged and productive.

The main components of the workshops are:

  • Changing conditional associations (stimulus control)

  • Sleep restriction

  • Reducing sleep pre-occupation, effort and anxiety around sleep

  • Relaxation techniques

Who: Psychologist, Margaret O'Donnell will deliver the workshops.

When: The first workshop will take place on Monday May 14th at 17:45 and will run every week for 5 weeks on the following dates: 

  • 14 May

  • 21 May

  • 28 May

  • 05 June

  • 11 June

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