Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

A good lunch can help with productivity throughout the day just as much as a bad unhealthy lunch can make you sluggish and stunt attention span. When it comes to your child's lunchbox, often it can be tough find a balance between what your child wants and what they actually need. Most parents worry about what their kids do or don't eat and often just need a bit of advice. 

In this webinar, we look at simple ideas for your child's lunchbox educating you and your child to improve eating behaviours while ensuring your child is provided with the proper nutrients for development. Our Nutritional Therapist will suggest a number of strategies and tips to avoid power struggles and help your child eat a balanced diet, manage portion sizes and avoid common mistakes. We will also show you easy ways to vary your child's diet and also include your child in their food choices making it a fun learning process for all.


The webinar will be available for all NAME employees to watch from DATE and will remain available for 30 days. 

In addition to the webinar, we have created a useful handout which you can print out and refer back to. In this handout, we cover some of the key points in our presentation.

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