Financial Fitness Clinic

1:1 Consultations

Life can be busy and we’d often benefit from a guiding hand around our finances - even better if that’s available on site.

We’re giving you the opportunity to meet with Brendan Bartley, Certified Financial Planner, who’ll provide confidential, impartial guidance on your own pressing issues. Perhaps that’s getting your 1st mortgage, saving money on your existing mortgage, getting better value on your life assurance, saving, investing, kids‘ education, pensions, taxes, budgeting or whatever. Sessions are scheduled in advance in 30 minute time slots so please make your booking and, to make the most of your time, consider the questions you’d like to discuss with Brendan. 

Who: Financial Advisor, Brendan Bartley will deliver these appointments.

When: The appointments will take place on Thursday April 20th from 10:00-18:00. Duration of each appointment will be 30 minutes.

Do I Need to Sign Up? Yes, to register, please follow the link below and choose your preferred time via the booking form below.



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