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5 Star Money Management Programme

This 5 week programme is designed to provide you with practical tips and insights towards improving your financial skills and behaviours. It provides helpful tips on the 5 financial areas that most often impact upon the ‘typical PAYE employee’. It will also alert you on things to look out for, the so-called ‘traps for the unwary’. The topics covered include:

  • Better Budgeting: Improved budgeting for individuals and households, analysing our spending on certain items, identifying over-runs, and the importance of financial goal setting.
  • Borrowing Blues: Mortgages and borrowing for big ticket items, managing our long-term debts, new rules around deposits, affordability issues, rates and loan terms.
  • Saving for the Rainy Day: Saving, investing, wealth accumulation, researching the marketplace, suitability of investments, risk considerations and diversification.
  • Securing and Safeguarding: Protecting our income, our health, our lives; types, costs and levels of insurance; stay at home partners.
  • Retiring Gracefully: Optimising the tax breaks, realism regarding adequacy, the investment piece, knowing our options and entitlements, and the post retirement years.

Who: Financial Advisor, Brendan Bartley will deliver this programme.

When: The programme will begin with the first seminar on Thursday April 20th at 10:00. Duration will be 35-40 minutes with Q&A afterwards.

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