BodyScore is an innovative Chartered Physiotherapy screen aimed at detecting musculoskeletal (MSK) and orthopaedic conditions before they even happen. As BodyScore is proactive in nature, it aims to prevent injuries impacting on your health of by identifying them before they become noticeable and begin to affect your working and home life. 

We can identify whether many of the most common risk factors are present and, if they are, what should be done to positively affect them and increase your chance of a much healthier future.

BodyScore combines cutting edge technology with industry leading expertise in MSK injury management to create a screen that is modern and insightful. Within 24 hours of completing a screen, you will receive a rich and insightful report to your inbox. We’ve ditched the boring and usual lay out normally found in screening reports and replaced it with something truly innovative.

The report will feature your score and overall recommendations. Each body area will also receive a score with individual recommendations and specific exercises that you should do in order to improve your score. These exercises can be self-managed on an app that features thousands of videos and guides.

BodyScore Comprises of:

  1. A tablet based questionnaire and physiotherapy screen lasting 20 minutes

  2. A rich and insightful report featuring your score and overall recommendations

  3. App based self management exercises and physiotherapy treatment if necessary

When: The appointments will take place on Thursday August 8th from 09:00-17:00. Duration of the appointments will be 30 minutes each.

Do I Need to Sign Up? Yes, places are limited so please register by completing the booking form below.

Please note, the assessment requires some movements. Please wear suitable attire that you can move comfortably in (such as gym gear).

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