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Onsite Orthotics Screening

Helping you understand your biomechanic & movement imbalances

For some, orthotics make standing, walking and running more comfortable and efficient, by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface. Our trained Podiatrists are best place to identify how your biomechanical imbalances can best be corrected by custom orthotics.

The first thing that happens when you book in with one of our Podiatrists is a gait scan, in order to determine whether orthotics would be of benefit to you. If custom orthotics are required, the Podiatrist will take a dynamic scan of your foot. These orthotics will be delivered to you within 2 weeks.

Who: Podiatrist, Eoin O'Driscoll, will carry out the consultations.

Do I Need to Sign Up? Yes. Places are limited so please register by choosing your preferred time slot via the booking form below.


When: The consultations will take place on Wednesday April 11th from 08:00-16:00. 

Sir John Rogersons Quay

When: The consultations will take place on Thursday April 12th from 08:00-16:00. 


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