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How to Avoid Distractions at Work and in Life

You're in the middle of a task that requires intense focus. You're on a roll. You're in the zone. Then your phone rings, snapping you out of your flow. The call takes less than a minute but then you check your email, maybe think to yourself that it is time for a break and maybe you’ll WhatsApp your friends while you wait for the kettle to boil. When you finally get back to work – two, five, maybe 10 minutes after the interruption – it's harder to focus. You revisit the work you just did, then take a break to check your email again, look at some news sites and maybe see what happened in the world according to your twitter follows.

Unfortunately, our brains are finely attuned to distraction and even the briefest ones have the power to massively decrease our productivity. In a world full of distractions knowing how to avoid them is very valuable. In this seminar we will help you discover the causes of distractions and learn how to avoid them.


The webinar will be available for all Amazon employees to watch from 20th August and will remain available for 30 days. 

In addition to the webinar, we have created a useful handout which you can print out and refer back to. In this handout, we cover some of the key points in our presentation.


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