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1:1 Consultations

Being busy impacts on the food choices we make. These one to one consultations will provide practical tips on how to eat healthy when you are mad busy at work and at home. There is no need to buy that high calorie combo of a latte and muffin or worse still skip breakfast. Lunch can be quick but it does not need to be unhealthy and no your dinner does not need 5 minutes in the microwave!

These drop-in style sessions are designed to allow you to talk about the challenges of keeping on top of your diet and keeping healthy in a busy lifestyle. Consultations can focus on the individual problems you are experiencing with the aim of improving your nutrition, and overall health. 

When: The consultations will take place on October 16th from 09:00-17:00. Duration of each consultation will be 30 minutes. 

Do I Need to Sign Up? Yes. Places are limited so please register by choosing your preferred time slot via the booking form below.

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